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Your digital friend & PA with benefits.

Bolt ai concierge makes home & life more rewarding. Instantly unlock insider savings, unique value & hassle saving packages.

Bolt bot helps manage home, renting, health, pets, travel & more, saving you time and money.

Home & life used to be full of hassle. Until now!

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Saving you time, money & hassle. Unlock members access to special treatment & perks. Join today to unlock the benefits.

Creations to solve problems we face in our day to day lives, with the use of slick tech, packages and cover.

Your chat bot concierge, manages your life & property, from saving you money on your shopping, to fixing a broken shower.

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The members club for verified professionals, who deserve more for less.

Bolt's chatbot personal assistant unlocks insider value, vip perks, unique experiences.

Personal concierge

Your chatbot makes life smoother, unlocks special treatment and serves all of your needs/wants.

Chat with Bolt about your wellness, come rain or shine.

Free money.

When you buy something we either give you a discount up front or give you back cash. Up to 50%.

Link your bank for exclusive premium cash, back in your wallet.

Access to private
members events

Members free access to cinema, culture, fitness & art socials.

Access insider savings for home, life, health, pets and travel.

Your friend with benefits.

VIP access & discounts for eating out, exhibitions, culture & exploring.

A free monthly coffee & cocktail/mocktail on us, just because.

Bolt work with amazing friends to offer members insider value.

Bolt-on packages. Unlock unique insider value.

Packages which include all of your needs, gifting you insider savings, covering all risk and cutting silly upfront costs. We've got your back.

Serviced Home Package by Bolt

Utilities, surfing, streaming, cleaning Netflix and chilling.
We pick up maintenance so you don't have to.

Happy Renting Package by Bolt

Red carpet renting. Don't worry about a deposit, cleaning, losing keys or wild goose chases again, we 've got your back.

Pet Friendly Renting Package by Bolt

Pets are our best friend, so living with them is a must. Pet frendly properties, risk cover, vet concierge & pets perks, makes for happy homes.

Health Track & Boost Package by Bolt

Bolt tracks your daily progress & with insider access to the best guids, meal plans, gyms, classes, and health perks to boost your health goals.

Dream cycling Package by Bolt & Vanmoof Electric Bikes

Cutting edge electric bike riding by subscription, with perks & cover. Keeps you on the road and moving forward in daily life. Save time money and hassle.

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